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“Books it is only for nerds.” Well, that how it was portrayed in film, television or other forms of media.

It is a statement that I neither agree nor disagree with because I believe everyone has their preferences.

In the case of me, I am certainly not a nerd and my academic achievement far from being excellent. In fact, my younger siblings have way better academic achievement than I.

But, does book for nerds only? The answer is yes or no and for me, it is certainly ‘No’. …

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My whole life spends with thinking about why I am not good enough. Am I a failure or why they are I am not as good like them?

I envied people who have good grades or who was born with talent. But looking at me, I am just nothing, not good, and not beautiful and not talented.

There is a moment I want people to notice me, appreciate my hard work but, I know in the end, they will forget me because I am still not good enough.

I feel suffocated, stress, sad and unhappy because I am not making…

I believed most people who visited or will be visiting Sabah soon thinking about nature or seafood. But we as Sabahan (People from Sabah) has a lot more to offer than just seafood and natures. We have many unique traits that appeal to both local and tourist. One of them is the unique local cuisine.

In this article, I will be writing and telling you a few unique local cuisines of Sabah. Some of the food on the list you may have heard, taste or never heard it at all.



Perhaps if you are looking into the photo attached…

Amanda Matin

I am writer maniac who is doing QA at the moment.

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