Books only for nerds

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“Books it is only for nerds.” Well, that how it was portrayed in film, television or other forms of media.

It is a statement that I neither agree nor disagree with because I believe everyone has their preferences.

In the case of me, I am certainly not a nerd and my academic achievement far from being excellent. In fact, my younger siblings have way better academic achievement than I.

But, does book for nerds only? The answer is yes or no and for me, it is certainly ‘No’. The reason is I enjoy reading books most of the time especially when it comes to a novel.

Yes, you heard it right, it is novel and not some biography, motivational or poem written by Shakespeare.

While book enthusiast claims they are reading this motivational books or that biography, I spent my monthly book allowance buying a novel written by Ramlee Awang Murshid and Ismi Fa Ismail.

Weird right? Women prefer to buy a book with dark and thriller genre rather than romantic comedy novel.

I do love romantic comedy novel. However, if I had to choose between romantic comedy and thriller, I would definitely choose thriller. The reason is, the ending part of a romantic novel is something that you already know — “Happily ever after” just like the Disney movie ending.

But, the thriller novel, gives chill and excitement chapter by chapter. One thing that I love the most about reading a thriller novel is the ending you never expect to happen.

Take, for example, the book written by Ramlee Awang Murshid, titled Fiksyen 302, the introduction, the climax, and the ending is totally different.

It gives chills in the spine, scary, fear and most important is the plot line are well written. I mean how come is a good person being the villain at the end of the book? Why there six different men in the same storyline?

It is a situation that you want to stop to read but your mind keeps telling you to continue and believe me, I spent only one night finishing the whole book.

Just imagine the excitement of reading a book you like and a book that you are forced to read.

So, back to our question, is it books only for nerds? No, it is not!

I am writer maniac who is doing QA at the moment.